Do you know how your plastic child proof cap can help children with cancer?

child proof cap

Donating plastic caps (from water bottles, soda, milk and others) in various collection centers is a grain of sand that allows people to directly support the treatment of children with cancer. 

At the same time, donating a child proof cap actively helps the conservation of the planet through the recycling of a non-biodegradable material that has become an inevitable companion for human beings.

The indiscriminate use of plastic is one of the main sources of pollution and using it properly is of vital importance to preserve the environment.

Today, plastics represent more than 12% of the amount of solid waste when in 1960 the figure was only 1%. For example, in 2010 humanity generated 31 million tons of plastic waste and only recovered 8%.

The plastic caps that are collected to support children with cancer are sold to companies that grind and reuse the plastic to make new products. The resources obtained from the sale of the plastic caps are used to help cover the cost of comprehensive treatment for children with cancer.

The advantage of plastic caps over other recyclable items such as PET bottles and cans is that, both for donors and beneficiaries, it is easier to handle caps that take up less space; on the other hand, companies that buy them prefer them because when they are separated by color they are simply washed and ground to make new plastic items.

The plastic child proof cap that can be donated belong to the following categories:

Soft drink







There are also caps that cannot be donated. Among them are those belonging to products such as:





Regardless of size or color, all lids are useful for this; they become synonymous of a life that can be prolonged through recycling. It costs nothing to save them instead of throwing them away and it is a way in which each person, from their home, work and school can do their bit.

And you, what do you do with your plastic child proof cap when you no longer use them? You can also support us in the fight against cancer!